Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Wastelanders by Tim Hemlin, Narrated by Bryan Anderson

The Wastelanders by Tim Hemlin was an interesting take on the dystopian/sci-fi genre. Would recommend (full review below)...

The Wastelanders by Tim Hemlin, was an entertaining take on dystopian/sci-fi genre. Would recommend if looking for something in this category. 

What’s it about? The summary tells it well. For those who need a little more: politics, corruption, war, cartels, powers such as time travel, those who live in the bubble and those who live in the Wastelands (outside the bubble), and the conflicts of the various groups.

The good: keeps you interested, easy to listen to, not too many characters where it gets confusing.

The not so good: a couple parts were a little slow for my taste.

Narrator: Bryan Anderson did a good job on the narration. There were a couple of voices I could have gone without, but they didn’t ruin the book. I would listen to other books by him.

Overall, I would recommend, a solid four stars all around. This is one of those books you can see happening in the future.

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: slurs (Chinaman, fruit, or like terms), religion, some swearing, weapons, bombing, prejudice, racism, death.

*I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book!

Where to purchase:
Barnes & Noble

Where to find the author: Tim Hemlin

Where to find the narrator: Bryan Anderson

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