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Tempted by Magic: a Baine Chronicles World novel (Mischief and Magic Book #1) by Jasmine Walt

Recently Jasmine Walt released Tempted by Magic: a Baine Chronicles World novel (Mischief and Magic Book #1), a spin-off on the Baine world. While I enjoyed this book immensely, know going in that is a bit darker than Sunaya's books. You will find the Baine world characters making appearances and the story holds it's own (in a good way). I look forward to the next book and honestly hope there will be more than a couple in this story. (Full review below.)

A fun, dark ride through The Baine World!

Tempted by Magic: a Baine Chronicles World novel (Mischief and Magic Book #1) by Jasmine Walt is a fun, darker ride through the Baine World. I recommend if you enjoyed Sunaya’s books but are looking for something a little darker.

Minimal spoilers below…….

Some things to expect: Annia’s own adventures that are intertwined in Solantha life (you get small visits from previous characters), a possible love interest for Annia (or so I hope it turns into that in book #2), magic, shifters, enforcer work, enemies, steampunk elements, and lots of action.

If a strong female lead is what you’re looking for, Annia is it! I said this in my novella review- this series is a little darker than The Baine Chronicles, so beware going in. If you are not sure, check out Called by Magic: a Baine Chronicles World Novella (Mischief and Magic Book 0). For those who want to dive in and are not familiar with The Baine World, there is a glossary in the back to help familiarize yourself with the world.

I’m loving this series and cannot wait the future installments (I’m ready for at least five books, can we make that happen Jasmine?). I finished this book in less than 24 hours.

Parental warnings/trigger advisory: death, fighting, swear words throughout- s x10, f x19, hell x29, damn and pissed used numerous times as well, kiss on the mc’s knuckles from a guy, multiple pregnant women, sex slaves (being held prisoners/naked), mention of rape at a party (Annia hunts the guy down who raped the girl), gang activity, torture of a young man that results in death.

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