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The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed (Collected Short Stories) by Michael Lynes and narrated by David Bosco

The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed (Collected Short Stories) by Michael Lynes and narrated by David Bosco is a fantastic set of short stories ranging from Sci-Fi to realistic life situations. If it's been a while since you've listened to short stories, or forgotten how great they can be (like me), or are looking for something new, I recommend you give these a try. (Full review below)

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Where to find the author: Michael Lynes

Where to find the narrator: David Bosco

The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed (Collected Short Stories) by Michael Lynes and narrated by David Bosco are a fantastic set of short stories ranging from Sci-Fi to realistic stories on grieving/death.. If short stories aren’t your typical listen/read, or perhaps forgotten how great they can be (like me), I recommend you give this book a try. Michael and David make a fabulous team.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite as they are each unique, but if I had to choose, it would be “The End...All Things Considered”. If you are going to listen to one, make sure it’s this one. The humor and story is rather amusing.

The narrator, David Bosco, did an outstanding job. You really get a sense of his voice ranges. Highly recommend giving his books a listen.

The descriptions on the stories are beautiful and engaging. Some may break your heart and have you thinking long afterwards, while some may have you laughing and thinking what if. Death and Sci-Fi elements are common themes. There are occasional but minimal sound effects used for certain stories (aliens, Gods).

~A brief description of the stories~
1) “My Father’s Hands”- A man’s father is hospitalized. Memories flood the man’s mind. Approximately 25 minutes.
2) “It’s In the Blood, Part #1”- A demi-god and his sword (mythology/Gods). Approximately 49 minutes.
3) “It’s In the Blood, Part #2”- Approximately 1 hour.
4) “Melancholy”- Not really sure how to describe this one, it’s more of thoughts on curses and blessings of sorts. Approximately 3 minutes.
5) “Sunset Beach” - Spreading of a loved ones ashes into the ocean. Approximately 8 minutes.
6) “East of East of Eden, Part #1”- A tale of Adam & Eve mixed with tech and more. This was not preachy despite the Adam and Eve theme to it. Approximately 54 minutes.
7) “East of East of Eden, Part #2”- Approximately 48 minutes.
8) “The Fat Man Gets Out of Bed”- A nurse and patient are connected in a metaphysical way. Approximately 1 hour 18 minutes.
9) “My Angel Comes”- A mother dying in the hospital. Approximately 25 minutes.
10) “Above...All Seems Desolate”- A hive explores space. Approximately 11 minutes.
11) “The End...All Things Considered”- Creation of the universe. Approximately 13 minutes.
12) “A Slice of Perfection”- United by marriage and more (Sci-Fi). Approximately 20 minutes.
13) “Memories to Treasure”- A man’s house is foreclosed on, while going through a chest, memories come back to him. Approximately 45 minutes.
14) “The Dust Bunny”- A professor’s manuscript is taken by aliens and problems unfold. Approximately 56 minutes.
15) “The City”- A family goes to a futuristic New York. Approximately 13 minutes.

Some things I thought about during the listen: The circle of life, how memories can be/bring you back to the time or place, that blood doesn’t necessarily mean family. My favorite quote from the book is “Only those who once live may truly die.”

Overall I recommend, especially if you enjoy Sci-Fi, short stories, or are looking to expand out of your normal comfort zone.

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: death of a parent, child with cancer, bible verse (short) in Sunset Beach, Satan, Eve ogled by Luke (Satan), Eve is naked at one point, naked man, nursing home deaths, yelling, talking about someone getting a “switch”, bruises on girl from abuse, attempted rape, death, wife hit by drunk driver, death of second wife, attempted suicide via hanging, adoption, aliens, protests, rolling of joint, indoctrination, suicide by jumping.
Words: damn, dammit, hell (in reference to hell), talk about heaven, “F-ing” or “F” was used but not the full word.

*I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book!

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