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Cow Made God & Other Abominations by Mark Nye, Matt Shaw, Michael Bray and narrated by S. W. Salzman

Cow Made God & Other Abominations by Mark Nye, Matt Shaw, Michael Bray and narrated by S. W. Salzman is a set of short stories for those of us wanting to take a walk down the dark side of society...full review below.

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Cow Made God & Other Abominations by Mark Nye, Matt Shaw, Michael Bray and narrated by S. W. Salzman is a set of depraved and disturbing short stories. I would recommend if you are looking for something to shock you, take a walk on the dark side of society, or if this is your typical listen.

Most of the stories held my interest, but some left me wanting just a little more (which would have kept me engaged on a better level). Overall, I give it 3 ½ stars. I would listen to another book by this author and narrator. Revolving themes: animals, religion, and starting fresh doesn’t always mean better (the grass isn’t always greener on the other side)...

The narrator, S. W. Salzman, did a great job with these! I would listen to him again.

~A brief description of the stories~
1) Cow Made God- A butcher’s worst nightmare. Approximately 8 minutes.
2) Creationist Nightmare- How the three universes came about/Gods/Demi-gods. Approximately 14 minutes.
3) Eleven Lords Leaping- The last lord remains, but for how long? Approximately 22 minutes.
4) Mother is God- Silence of the Lambs feel to it (Can’t say much without giving away spoilers, but lots of twists and turns). Approximately 23 minutes.
5) Man Made Cow- A veterinarian meets the other abominations. Approximately 15 minutes.
6) The Unholy Birth- Can’t say much without giving spoilers (Sorry). Approximately 9 minutes.
7) School’s Out- A boy escapes clergy abuse and gets revenge. Approximately 17 minutes.
8) Hallow Field- A zombie tale. Approximately 13 minutes.
9) Violated- A spider woman tale. Approximately 14 minutes.
10) Purgatory- Prank gone wrong for two brothers. Approximately 17 minutes.
11) Nebulous Nightmare- A poem. Approximately 1 minute.
12) A Lady and Her Bovine- Fan fiction becomes your worst nightmare. Approximately 17 minutes.
13) The Unfortunate Fortune- Winning the lottery leads a man to an unusual sexual adventure. Approximately 20 minutes.
14) The authors note about how this book came about. Approximately 3 minutes.
15) And His Name Will Be Known Throughout the Land (by Matt Shaw)- A bovine court case. Approximately 11 minutes.
16) Leftovers (by Michael Bray)- A deal gone wrong or right depending on your angle. Approximately 23 minutes.

Foreword- thoughts on writing and the writing market. Approximately 4 minutes.

Parental guidance/trigger warnings:
Make no mistake, this book is for adults and adults who can handle very dark subjects. Swearing, death/murder, incest, talk of pregnancy, domestic abuse, drunk driving talk, sexual abuse, clergy abuse, torture, suicide, strip club, fighting, and bestiality.

*I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book!

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Where to find the narrator: S. W. Salzman

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