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Invasion (THEM Apocalyptic Series, Book 1) by M. D. Massey and narrated by S. W. Salzman

Zombies, vampires, and humans collide in Invasion (THEM Apocalyptic Series, Book 1) by M. D. Massey and narrated by S. W. Salzman. Looking forward to where this apocalyptic tale takes Sully and Rayden. Recommend if you are a zombie/vampire fan, looking for something new in the genre, or just looking for something new. Full review below...

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THEM Invasion by M. D. Massey and narrated by S. W. Salzman is an exciting take on the zombie/vampire genre. Would recommend if these are your typical read or looking for something new.

What’s it about? Aiden, aka Sully, is in town when some weird/not so good events take place with tourists and illegals. Afterwards, he heads to his cabin to help him reset due to ongoing PTSD. While hunting, he gets pneumonia. During his recovery, the zombie/vampire apocalypse begins, along with an EMP attack. His goal is to get to his parents. Along the way he meets new people, some good, some bad, and some non-human.

Once the story picks up, it’s difficult to put down. If you start listening and are thinking meh, stick with it. I listened to it in one sitting. There is some humor, along with sound effects that help to make it stand out from others in the genre. If you are a prepper or z-lover, you will probably have a better appreciation for this book. Nice to see characters who are wise instead of repeatedly doing stupid moves.

S. W. Salzman was fantastic as the narrator. This is the second book I’ve listened to him narrate and he did not disappoint. He is going to give some other very well known Sci-Fi/ Post-Apocalyptic narrators a run for their money. I look forward to his future narrations and will be adding him to my list to watch where their careers go. I enjoyed the added sound effects.

Overall, I’d recommend. It peaked my interest enough that I want to check out more in the series. I anticipate the series will be fantastic.

Parental advisory/trigger warnings: The beginning has a good amount of talk about illegals/border patrol/war. Some swearing throughout. Main character suffers PTSD from his time in Afghanistan. Shooting/killing of zombies/vampires with guns/weapons. Abusive step-father (physical/mental abuse). Death of humans.

*I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book!

Where to find the author: M. D. Massey

Where to find the narrator: S. W. Salzman

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