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The Devil's Gunman by Philip S. Bolger and narrated by K. C. Johnston

The Devil's Gunman by Philip S. Bolger and narrated by K. C. Johnston is an excellent debut novel! Hoping there is a follow up. It's a refreshing take on vampires and the supernatural genre. Full review below...  

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The Devil's Gunman by Philip S. Bolger and narrated by K. C. Johnston is an awesome debut novel! And I’m not just saying that because the story takes place in my home state or because he spelled Gunderson correctly 😊 Would recommend if you’re looking for something fresh in this genre. 4 ½ stars for story. 5 stars for narration.

What’s it about? The summary is spot on, not sure what more I can add without giving spoilers away, but here goes nothing...Nick who was once a hit man for the Duke of Hell, is the second person ever to be let out of a contract and from there, his life becomes more challenging. You’ll get hell hounds, a chimera, a jiangshi, vampire covens, magic, a romantic interest, humor, plot twists, action, and more. At one point the main character says “I’m a former gunman to the devil being pursued by BDSM hell hounds and a vampire coven who own a convenience store chain.” The book does wrap up nicely and can be left as a stand alone but I hope this is not the case. I’d like to see some more of Nick and Lotus- maybe she could have her own spin-off book?

I enjoyed the vampire covens were different and not the typical one type fits all. The descriptions of the areas and people are right on- I assure you Philip is not making up the hipster comments (I laughed several times at these). I also enjoyed the local references/places- Hotel Ivy, Lake Minnetonka (Mille Lacs Lake is better though Philip), Jucy Lucy’s, Uptown, etc.

The narrator, K. C. Johnston (aka KC Johnston in previous books), was absolutely fantastic! Nice to see his range of voices in this book. He sounds like he’s from WAY up north, or gasp- Fargo! KC is one of three narrators I’m following because he is remarkable with his craft- can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

Overall, I recommend, especially if you’re looking for something fresh in the genre and something that will hold your interest.

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: death, talk of war/slur- J@p scum used once, burning of school children and then shooting them during the war, suicide by hanging mentioned once, killing of spouse with knife by slashing throat, sex (not too graphic, more so mentions of what toys they used), some religion talk (very minimal given the subject matter and not preachy), mention of drugs (heroin/cocaine), mention of prostitution, fighting/violence, swearing throughout. The MC is a hit man so you can expect violent adult themes.

*I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book!

Where to find the author: Philip Bolger
Where to find the narrator: KC Johnston

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