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The End of Everything: Book 1 by Christopher Artinian and narrated by Kim Bretton

The End of Everything: Book 1 by Christopher Artinian and narrated by Kim Bretton is an entertaining zompoc story. Just two siblings making their way through the apocalypse...I easily imagined this being my brother and me. Full review below...

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The End of Everything: Book 1 by Christopher Artinian and narrated by Kim Bretton turned out to be an incredible story about two siblings that has a hint of realness to it. This would be my brother and me during the zombie apocalypse (me wanting to smack him upside the head mainly...). Would recommend if you enjoy zombie books.

What’s it about? Two sisters, Wren and Robyn (Bobby), are trying to find safety in the zombie apocalypse, but it’s never that easy. Wren has her head on straight and knows what must be done to survive, while Robyn is a bit in denial plus some. They meet some not-so-good people, some good, and some straight up crazies. The banter between them helps make the book fun and stand out from others zompoc stories and adds a realness to it. It’s a fast-paced story with a good amount of action. The story does leave an opening for future books. If you aren’t sure about the oldest sister Robyn at first, stick with it because her character does develop into someone you will like.

Christopher has written an engaging story that is difficult to put down (I listened in one sitting). This is the second book I’ve listened to by him and I haven’t been disappointed.

The narrator, Kim Bretton, did a wonderful job. I enjoyed her bringing the sister’s to life.

Overall I recommend, especially if you enjoy the zompoc genre.

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: Swearing off and on throughout, drinking, guy attempts to attack/rape one of the sister's, drugging of one sister so guy can lure the other elsewhere, weapons (knives, javelins), death (people, zombies- but the Z’s are already dead so why I am writing this?)...

*I was given a free review copy of the audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Thank you for allowing me to listen and review the book!

Where to find the author: Christopher Artinian
Where to find the narrator: Kim Bretton

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