Sunday, September 29, 2019

Pickle Pie (A Cyberpink Story) by George Saoulidis and narrated by Luke Rounda

An enthralling Cyberpunk GameLit fantasy! Pickle Pie (A Cyberpink Story) by George Saoulidis and narrated by Luke Rounda is an entertaining and crazy good cyberpunk tale sure to keep you interested from start to finish. Strongly recommend if you enjoy Cyberpunk/GameLit or just looking for something new in the genre. 

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What’s it about? Hector unintentionally becomes owner of a part cyborg athlete named Patty, who plays for the Pinup Girls in Cyberpink. Cyberpink is a brutal, almost anything goes, popular sport (Google Jugger if you’re not familiar with the sport). From there Hector learns to navigate the sleazy, violent world he is now a part of, despite being reluctant do to so (the extent of his bad boy self is making armor for the local organized crime). Not long in, you will find yourself rooting for Hector and the girls.

Some of the other elements of the story: game stats, debt bondage, Greek mythology (nicely reimagined), humor, cryptocurrency/blockchain, tech, violence, death, repairing cyborgs, friendships, villains, ARO (augmented reality object), hackers, the responsibilities/moral dilemmas of owning an athlete, blood (pink blood- wait, what? Read/listen to the book), robotic mule, and swearing.

The added sound effects are perfect- not too much, not too little. Instead of chapters, it’s told as drops. The first couple drops set up the story, so stick with it if you’re a bit muddled- it will all make sense shortly (not saying more due to spoilers). I listened in one session.

The narrator, Luke Rounda, was a perfect fit for this one. He nailed the voices and effects.

Overall I strongly recommend. It’s nicely written and it’s clear there was a lot of thought put into fleshing out this world.

Parental advisory/trigger warnings:
read the warning for the ebook. If you read it and are still wondering if you should read/listen to it, the answer is yes.

“I was given this book at my request and have voluntarily left this review.”

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