Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Baddest Bitch in the Room by Sophia Chang

The Baddest Bitch in the Room by Sophia Chang is by far the best memoir I’ve listened to. I unconditionally recommend it, especially if you enjoy memoirs, want to learn a little more about the music industry, or just looking for something new. Go on, listen to it, you won’t be disappointed.

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What to expect (a small amount of what’s covered in the book): life with her parents and brother (growing up to current time), her parents history, humor, losses, meeting Joey Ramone, working with Paul Simon, what lead her to the path of managing Wu-Tang and other artists, moving from Vancouver to New York, various jobs in the industry, mentors, the rise of hip-hop, martial arts training, pregnancy/child birth, relationships, trip to China, losing oneself and finding oneself again (and the continued search), change of the music industry to digital, relying on parents even in adulthood, family illness, why asking where are you from is a loaded question, the friendships between Sophia and members of Wu Tang and other artists, and the general ups and downs of life. There’s cameos from other well-known artists and family members. There is bonus content at the end, which includes audio from the recording process. Occasional slang is used (listeners may not know the meaning but should have no problem understanding). There are emotional moments in the book and they will make you feel something.

Sophia narrating her own book was fantastic- she is easy to listen to and the emotional parts of it add to the overall greatness. There are added sound effects throughout and at first I wasn’t sure about them being in a memoir, but as it progressed it made sense/fit, so if you are like meh, stick with it.

Why should you listen if you don’t know who Sophia Chang is? Because it’s a phenomenal book! The cover is fierce and that’s what drew me in. I didn’t know who Sophia was and it kept me interested from start to finish- who needs to sleep? I listened in one sitting, so be warned before you start, you won’t want to put it down. Glad I took a chance on this one, you should do the same. By the end, you won’t be asking who is Sophia Chang, you’ll be saying she’s the woman behind the scenes, a role model, strong, gorgeous, able to do anything...

A couple quotes from the book:
“Listening to that song was like taking the red pill in the matrix, once I’d heard it, I could never unhear it.”
“That after all is what we’re here for, to be in service of others.”
“F*ck your model minority!”

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: swearing (in the explicit version), Korean War talk and the atrocities, abuse from a school teacher, racism (some slurs used), mention of the LA riots, suicide (Chris Lighty), death (ODB and her father’s cancer), infidelity, R. Kelly and Michael Jackson mentioned, sex talk, Hurricane Sandy. Probably more I’m forgetting (I just wanted to listen and not write down but hopefully this gives you a general idea).

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