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The Eddie Lancaster Series: Volume 1 Books 1-3 by Sean Stone and narrated by Hannibal Hills

The Eddie Lancaster Series: Volume 1 Books 1-3 by Sean Stone and narrated by Hannibal Hills is an amusing listen imo, but I can see how it could be a turn off for some. Eddie can be a bit of an arrogant, sarcastic dillhole in the first book, but as the series progresses he becomes more likable- still sarcastic but more likeable. Eddie isn’t afraid to do things that cross the moral lines at times, but perhaps it’s because he has a curse in him (darkness) or maybe it’s just he way he is. If you don’t mind a little of what I’ve described, def give this a listen. If this type of character isn’t your thing, look elsewhere, but I really recommend sticking with it through at least the second book. I found myself migrating back to Eddie’s story and it was difficult to put down once I started the second book. Break down book by book is below. 4 ½ stars for story.

The narrator, Hannibal Hills, did a wonderful job voicing Eddie throughout the series. If Hannibal hadn't voiced Eddie so well, I don't think I'd be giving such a good review. He def made the character not so annoying- can’t say I’d feel the same if I read the book (but who knows...), so do yourself a favor and listen to it. 5 stars for narration.

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Book One (I picked this book up first and the bundle later):
Eddie, a warlock who does pretty much anything for the right amount of money, gets involved with a client named Ashley, who needs help. Only she doesn’t want his help at first, but he butts in anyways. Eventually they form a friendship (of sorts) to take down Killian, a ruthless leader and seer. How do you take down a guy who can see the future and has his hands in everything? There is an underlying back story that helped keep it interesting and, I assume, will serve a purpose in future books.

“The point is, don’t waste time. We all have a small amount of time. We shouldn’t waste it. Spend your time doing the things you love. Things that make you happy. Don’t waste time worrying about things that might or might not happen. Just get on with your life. Cheesy I know, but in your case, it serves a valuable lesson.”

“I wanted to drag it out for as long as possible, but I’m smart enough to know not to tempt fate. It happens countless times in films; whoever has the upper hand takes their time about things and the tables quickly get turned.”

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: kidnapping, drugging, death, weapons (gun, knives). Language used: Fx24, Sx11.

Book Two: Warlock Wanted
Eddie is dealing with the fallout from the battle with Killian resulting in Inspector Richards hot on his tail. Trying to make money to live, he agrees to a job investigating missing people in a local park. Only it’s not so simple as Rachel wants Eddie to do her bidding. Rachel killed Eddie’s parents when he was a child (perhaps that’s why he’s a little jolted in life) and has plans for him and his ability to steal magic. When Rachel puts his friends on the chopping block, Eddie must make a decision as it’s no longer just about him. There’s a lot of action, different mythological creatures (vampires, wendigo, ghost), dark elements, life lessons/choices, relationship elements (friends, lovers), and interesting back stories.

“Her words hit me like a dick-slap on both sides of the face.”

“He was an old man, at least fifty. Some people might not thing that’s old but I do and since it’s my story my opinion is the only one that matters. He had dark grey hair and huge bushy eyebrows to match. I mean really bushy. Something could be living in them.”

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: this will be kept minimal due to spoilers, but expect things like death, kidnapping, drugging, weapons, or like things. Language used: Sx8, Fx25.

Book Three: Dark Warlock
Eddie is now working with police helping to solve the case of missing children. He continues to struggle with the curse of darkness and figuring out what is him and what is the darkness. While this story is of darker nature, there is a bit of fun to it. You can probably listen to this story as a stand alone. While we get characters (Ashley and Inspector Richards) from the previous books, we get a new story line complete with gnomes, mystery, imps, ghosts, black markets, fairy realm, the defunct supernatural investigations team, the new SIT of sorts, and plenty more.

This book certainly brings the series to the next level in many ways. I look forward to the next and what’s in store for Eddie.

“But my grandmother always said we shouldn’t let the trouble of the past stop us from doing what’s right in the present.”

“One thing I admire about children is their lack of respect for social rules. If they have a question they just ask it. If adults did that the world would be a much simpler place.”

“My instinct was to shut the kid in a cupboard but I knew that wasn’t the right way to react to a bit of attitude.”

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: Same or similar to those listed above. Language used: Sx7, Fx28.

Where to find the author: Sean Stone
Where to find the narrator: Hannibal Hills

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