Monday, May 25, 2020

Safe Haven: Vengeance (Safe Haven, Book 5) by Christopher Artinian and narrated by Kim Bretton

A fast-paced, twisted world that I can’t get enough of! Once I start Christopher's books I can't put them down. Any zombie lover must give his stories a listen. Great cover, huh?

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Safe Haven: Vengeance (Safe Haven, Book 5) by Christopher Artinian and narrated by Kim Bretton sucked me in, but that’s not surprising as it’s a fantastic series. If you’re reading this, you better dedicate the next 7 hours 37 minutes to listening because once you start, you won’t be able to put it down. This book is fast-paced and contains lots of action. And seriously, Amazon/Hulu/Netflix/any other streaming services, when are you going to pick this up as a TV show/movie? 

What’s it about? The group is back and living at Safe Haven, only it’s never that simple in the apocalypse. Part of the group heads out to find Robyn (Wren’s sister) and become part of a demented game of a new enemy, while those at Safe Haven deal with an attack from another new enemy. Mike is haunted by a past foe, family tensions increase, while the groups struggle with blurring lines between right and wrong, loses occur, and of course all of this happening with RAMs all around. There is an underlying family theme. Loving, loving, loving the two series have merged- it certainly adds to the greatness of the story and worlds.

The narrator, Kim Bretton, was fabulous as usual! I can’t imagine anyone else narrating Christopher’s books. She nails the emotions, characters, pace, and everything else perfectly.

“Who is it?” shouted Jules.
“Who the hell do you think it is? F*** Jehovah’s Witnesses. Let us in,” Mike shouted.
(Christopher and Kim, I got a much needed chuckle out of this one, thank you!)

Yes, I absolutely recommend this series, especially if you are a zombie fan and love fast-paced action, but make sure to go in order. 

Where to find the author: Christopher Artinian
Where to find the narrator: Kim Bretton

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: As I’ve stated before, this is the zombie apocalypse, there are not nice people doing not nice things- torture, death, weapons, zombies, violence, and like situations. This particular book in the series a women is raped (not described in detail). Language used: S x39, F x69.

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