Friday, June 12, 2020

Warlock At War (Arcane Inc., Book 4) by Sean Stone and narrated by Hannibal Hills

Warlock At War (Arcane Inc., Book 4) by Sean Stone and narrated by Hannibal Hills is the best of the series so far. It keeps getting better and better with each book. If you’re looking for a dark world with a snarky warlock, you should def give this a listen. When I first started this series I wasn't sure about it, but as it went on, I'm absolutely loving it. 

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What’s it about? Adrian is cashing in on the favor Eddie and Ashley owe him. Unfortunately it has to do with vampire business and they find themselves fighting a war they hadn’t planned on. It’s full of action from start to finish. I enjoyed the twists, turns, and darkness. The characters are developing nicely and great world building. I have no critic for this particular book in the series- it’s a great addition.

The narrator, Hannibal Hills, does a great job. He certainly nails Eddie and helps make the book stand out.

Overall I recommend, especially if darker fantasy with magic is your thing. When I first started this series I wasn’t sure if I would continue as the first book is good, but not great and it took a little bit of warming up to Eddie/his character developing, but once that happened, I found I could not put this series down. Make sure if you start this series, you stick with it through the second book.

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: this particular book has a focus on war between two groups- there’s death, animal torture (don’t worry, it ends for the better thanks to Eddie), violence, or similar things. The MC suffers from PTSD, although he doesn’t say it specifically, it’s implied (his enemy, who also raised him, killed his parents at a young age and then used him as she wanted/trained him to do bad things- no sexual abuse). Language used: F x30, S x18.

Where to find the author: Sean Stone
Where to find the narrator: Hannibal Hills

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