Sunday, September 20, 2020

Species Traitor (A Science Fiction Dystopian Novel) by Kate L. Mary and narrated by Heather Firth

Species Traitor (A Science Fiction Dystopian Novel) by Kate L. Mary and narrated by Heather Firth is the start of another fantastic series for this duo! I loved this one! Highly recommend if you enjoy sci-fi with a mix of romance and dystopia, or are a fan of Kate’s work. I was pulled into the story from the start and didn't want to put the book down. Waiting patiently for the second book to make it's way to audio.

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What’s it about? The story revolves around Ava, who is a human, and Finn, who is half-alien and half-human. Ava only wants to see her cousin who lives in The District as she is married to a Veilorian (aliens). Tensions are rising as new political candidates rise to power and humans struggle to live for various reasons. The story unfolds as the book progresses with no repeat dialogue. You get a good amount of fairly fast-paced action, great world building, great characters (good and bad), a bit of mystery, friends and enemies, family dynamics, and plenty more that will keep you glued to the book. You’ll be rooting for Ava and the Veilorian’s by the end. It does end in a cliffhanger as there is another book in the series. 

The narrator, Heather Firth, does a fabulous job. She’s become one of my favorite narrators. Her voices are perfect, has a great pace, and adds to story. 

I see a review mentions too similar to what’s happening in the real world- yes you may feel there are some parallels, but that could be said about many books. Overall, I highly recommend as it’s a great story and I can’t wait to hear the ending. 

Parental guidance/trigger warnings: branding, violence/hatred against the aliens and species traitors, death, hunger, pregnancy, kissing and sex indicated (not graphic), and other like situations that would arise in a dystopian society. Language used: Fx11, Sx21, damn x7, hell x44.

Where to find the author: Kate L. Mary
Where to find the narrator: Heather Firth

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Killers and Keepers (J.R. Finn Sailing Mystery Series, Book 6) by Charles Dougherty and narrated by David Bosco

Killers and Keepers (J.R. Finn Sailing Mystery Series, Book 6) by Charles Dougherty and narrated by David Bosco is another one I couldn’t put down once I started it- between the story and narration, it draws you in. You’ll find yourself rooting for the assassins, Mary and Finn, and they are definitely keepers! Highly recommend this series if you’ve been following it or are looking for something in the genre. 4 ½ stars for story, 5 stars narration. This is not my typical listen but I am glad I ventured out as I have not been disappointed. 

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What’s it about? Finn and Mary are relaxing as best as two assassins can when Nora’s replacements begin to hunt Finn. From there, the fast-paced adventures begin. You get new characters and previous ones make appearances (Aaron, Island Dream- she’s a character, right? 😊). I love that despite this being the sixth book in the series, I still am wary of Mary and her intentions at times. As with the previous books, there is sailing terminology, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve made it this far or are new to sailing as you’ve likely heard the terms before.

The narrator, David Bosco, did a fantabulous job! He brings the characters to life. There’s a nice variety of distinct voices in this book. He has a way of drawing you into the story and it’s like you’re right there with Finn and Mary. Highly recommend you give his books a listen if you haven’t.

My only complaint is sometimes the logistics are explained a little too much in the beginning of the book (what’s said doesn’t need to be said as Finn and Mary have went through similar things before/they’ve worked together enough that it shouldn’t need to be said with as much detail), but at the same time, it’s part of what makes the book and you should def be listening to this series.

Overall, I highly recommend this series for sailing and mystery fans, or if you’re just looking to expand into a new series. I love it and am going to miss Finn and Mary when their adventures are over (hopefully not for a while). 

Where to find the author: Charles Dougherty
Where to find the narrator: David Bosco

Potential spoilers below****You’ve been warned***




Parental guidance/trigger warnings: The main characters are assassins- there is some violence and death (nothing over the top or gory details). Mentions of sex trafficking, using women for sex, abuse of women, drug cartels. Language used: Sx9, damn x9, hell x8.