How To Get Into Audiobooks...

How to get into audiobooks, that is a question I get asked often...

The way I recommend is to try an audiobook when doing something around the house, such as an inside chore or mowing the lawn. Some people listen to them in the car, at work, at bedtime, when they are ill, with their children, or want something else to do besides watch TV. There are many options, you just need to find what works best for you.

Don't be surprised if it takes you a couple books to "adjust". It took me two to three books before I really started enjoying audiobooks. If the narrator isn't doing it for you, try another book. A good narrator makes ALL the difference.

"BUT audio books are so expensive!"
There's a couple ways to go about this when starting out:
1) has a free 30 day trial, where you can get a free book and if you do not like the book they allow you to exchange it. Their membership and deals are always updating, so check out the details to see if they are within your budget.
2) is a newer audiobook site that works with your local bookstores. A portion of your audiobook sale supports your local bookstore (you get to pick the bookstore). You get a 30 day free trial with a free audiobook. I have found their prices are comparable to others. Their credits never expire and the books you purchase are DRM free (as of the time of this writing).
3) Check your local library.
4) Amazon offers audible narration to be added on quite a few books and the numbers are always growing.
5) If you are on a budget/limited income, kindle unlimited (KU) is a great option. There are tons of books on KU that have audible added to them. The authors make the choice if they want their books on KU. I want to say thank you to the authors who put their books on KU because there are those of us who love to read/listen, but cannot afford the books otherwise.
6) There are more websites to get free or cheap audio books, but I cannot recommend them as I have not used them. My only warning is to know what you are downloading (rule of thumb for the internet anyways, right? 😊) 
7) A couple more sites have popped up since the initial writing of this page. If you don't mind writing an honest review in exchange for a free code, check out these sites (also a great way to help authors and narrators):
Audiobook Boom!
Free Audiobooks For You
Audiobooks Unleashed
Free Audiobook Codes
Audio Freebies

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