Narrators & Authors I'm Watching...

Well the title of this page sounds a bit creepy, so let me explain...

This is my active list of narrators I'm keeping watch on where their careers go. Why? These narrators have stood out to me and I believe they are destined for great things. If you have listened to audio books, you know how important it is to have a fantastic narrator. Of course, like other things in life, you may have a different preference to narrators than I do- guess what? That's OK! You may find some voices are easier to listen, certain accents don't do it for you, or many other things that I'm not going to list because it will turn into a 50,000 word essay- perhaps another day :)

Without further ado, here is my list (in order I discovered them):

2020 narrators:

1) Kim Bretton
You can find her here.

2) Heather Firth
You can find her here.

3) Andrew Wehrlen
You can find him here.

2019 narrators 

1) K. C. Johnson
You can find him here.

2) David Bosco
You can find him here.

3) S. W. Salzman
You can find him here.

Here is my list of authors I've discovered in 2019 and absolutely love their books (In order of discovery)- and for the record, I've come across plenty of great authors this year, these two are my top two as of this writing: 

1) Kate L. Mary
You can find her here.

2) Christopher Artinian
You can find him here.

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