Welcome to the Printed & Bound Book Blog!

Welcome to the Printed & Bound Book Blog! 

Who I am: Someone from Minnesota who loves reading and listening to books. I have been reading since I was a child- perhaps that’s where my overactive imagination comes from? Finally decided to create a blog for reviewing after months of going back and forth, this is the result...

Books preferred: Dark fantasy/Sci-Fi is my go-to, but I love all genres and do not keep it limited to just one...it would be like asking a parent to pick their favorite child, you just don't do it.

Format preferred: Audiobooks and E-books (Why is my blog called Printed & Bound if I prefer these formats? Oh, you caught that, huh? Well...) *Currently only reviewing audiobooks due to vision issues*

Authors: I prefer to read lesser known authors. I'm OK with occasional grammatical errors- it's the least of my worries in life. If the story is great/catchy and I can get into the book, it's all good. 

My reviews: Typically give a description of the story, occasionally have spoilers (minimal and will have a warning), thoughts on the narration, and parental guidance/trigger warnings. Books (including narration) and reviews are subjective- just because I don't care for a book, doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try (if I made a list of the books I do not like, I guarantee some of you will gasp in shock or perhaps nod in agreement). I have been reviewing for years- see Amazon for reviews prior to October 2018.

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